ST-PROMOTIONS your Field Marketing Partner in German speaking countries

In a challenging environment, marked by restrictions due to long-term measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus and, more recently, by uncertainty related to the war in Ukraine, ST-PROMOTIONS has managed to maintain and even strengthen its position in the German market.

The promotional agency, which is active in the entire German-speaking region, owes this development to its long-standing and solid customer relationships, which are characterised by mutual trust and respect, as well as a flexible and meticulous way of working, which is always oriented towards the latest trends and topics in society.

Clients of ST-PROMOTIONS know how effective field marketing is to connect their brand directly with their customers. And how such activities are very measurable, typically focusing on three core aspects of market success; increasing sales, strengthening relationships with retailers and establishing a scalable process to implement sustainable marketing success.

By using effective field marketing, it is possible to stand out and capture the attention of potential customers in a face-to-face contact. This is strengthened when you create a “wow” moment during product demonstrations, making it easier to convert leads into purchases. At ST-PROMOTIONS, we therefore see our objective as creating unique and sustainable customer experiences for our clients’ brands and services.

This applies not only to German-speaking countries, but of course far beyond.

ST-PROMOTIONS has long been multinationally networked due to its large international customer and supplier portfolio, so it was only logical and consistent that the shopper marketing agency got together with the Dutch field marketing agency Monsterscore Shopper Activation in 2017 to explore synergies in international work. In 2018, this exchange resulted in the founding of the International Shopper Marketing Group with other experienced and also owner-managed partner agencies from England and Spain.

Today, ST-PROMOTIONS is able to offer its clients its usual standards in many other European countries as well. Thanks to the additional partners in Romania and France, the Hamburg-based shopper marketing agency is now able to offer clients the implementation of shopper marketing campaigns in a total of 16 European countries with over 420 million potential consumers.

The difficult times we are undoubtedly living in require brands to connect directly with their consumers even more, and truly understand their habits and behaviours to provide them with a service or product that suits their needs. The agencies in our network support their clients in their search for the right communication channels that offer just that: A unique, lasting contact that remains in the memory. We look forward to your enquiry and to putting your product in the limelight with the right solution.