Increasing brand awareness by using shopper marketing


Do you work in retail? If so, you have probably noticed that the term “shopper marketing” is being used more and more lately. But do you know exactly what is meant by it and, above all, what purpose it serves?

The term shopper marketing covers various approaches that aim to bring a product closer to the consumer in an innovative way. These measures provide interaction, increase the visibility of the brand, encourage product testing and ensure better sales results at the point of sale.

Shopper marketing is a part of marketing that aims to bring a product or a company closer to the consumer directly on site. The objectives of shopper marketing may vary from business to business, but it is usually about raising brand awareness and increasing sales.

And how can shopper marketing be used to strengthen the brand at the POS?

To achieve a successful shopper marketing strategy, the first step is to find out the best way to approach customers. Instead of spreading the advertising message via a single channel, this discipline tries to understand which communication is particularly effective with consumers and develops campaigns with which these customers can be perfectly reached.

When defining the advertising message and campaign objectives, attention must be paid to identifying which techniques are most appropriate at the POS and, more importantly, in relation to customer habits. These methods include:

Demonstrations and tastings

The primary objective here is to convince the potential buyer to try and purchase the product. If a sale is not immediately possible, the demonstrator can use alternative tools such as discount coupons or handing out loyalty cards to draw the customer’s interest to the product.

Price Promotions

Special offers are usually aimed at reaching customers who are already loyal to the brand and getting them to buy certain products when they are already in front of the shelf. Special offers are designed to highlight products through more attractive pricing, often using formats such as “Buy One Get One Free” or “BOGOF”, “Single Product Discounting” or “Multibuy Discounting”.

Merchandising staff

Promoters have a central role in shopper marketing campaigns. If necessary, they carry out targeted measures that can go far beyond the mere presentation of products. They check whether the promoted products are in sufficient numbers in the shops. They take care of the on-shelf product display, manage the stock of the promotional merchandise and collect data to gain in-depth knowledge about the consumers and their behaviour.

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