Searching for the right Shopper Marketing agency?

More and more companies are now including Face-2-Face Marketing within their overall Brand strategy plans. Finding the right Shopper Marketing agency is critical to the success of your product sampling, sales or experiential campaign.
Here’s our guide to finding the agency to suit your business:

1. Goal definition
Before hiring a Shopper Marketing agency, it is essential to clearly define your project goals. What expectations do you have from the agency? What results are you aiming for? A clear set of KPIs ensure expectations are aligned and your agency can focus on your priorities.

2. Transparency and quality
Consider value rather than price when briefing and selecting your agency. Share your CPA targets, and ROI requirements with your agency at the point of briefing so they can work with you to achieve your wider business goals. Bear in mind too, that extremely low prices may indicate a lack of market experience and low-quality output. Choose companies with a solid portfolio and a convincing list of references.

3. Planning certainty
Ensure targets and planned outcomes are realistic. Agreeing clear budgets and targets in advance helps ensure the project stays within your financial expectations and no unforeseen costs arise.

4. Agency’s range of services
A close look at the agency’s case studies and conversations with previous clients can provide insight into the range and quality of services. Ask your agency for their experience of similar project outcomes in the same sales environment. Other client references from similar projects can be helpful.

5. Detailed briefing
A detailed briefing is a crucial step to receiving a well-planned campaign. This approach allows the Shopper Marketing agency to better understanding your company and forms the basis for a successful strategic response.

6. The team
You will be working closely with your agency team during the life cycle of the project. A collaborative relationship can make a good campaign, excel. Invest the time in onboarding your agency team and regard them as part of your wider marketing squad.

7. Ongoing monitoring
The agency selection marks only the beginning; regular check in meetings will ensure the implementation also aligns with the agreed project goals.

In summary, investing time into the selection of your Shopper Marketing agency is a strategic decision that will pay dividends during project execution and ensure your project KPIs are achieved.

If you are still looking for a Shopper Marketing agency to support your activities in Europe, our member agencies in your region are ready to assist you.