Spain and Shopper Marketing in 2022

As one of the first Spanish companies in the field of POS marketing, the A10 Group are experts in the shopper marketing sector and work closely with their customers to be able to swiftly respond to any changing needs and requirements.

The Spanish market, like other European markets, has been and continues to be buffeted first by the pandemic, then by the war in Ukraine and the associated inflation. This initially led to a reduction of marketing budgets and a downward trend in various consumer sectors in Spain.

As a result, the focus of campaigns and the demands of customers in Spain has changed in recent years. The A10 Group has observed an increased demand for services and campaigns aimed at boosting sales directly at the point of sale, rather than improving brand image.

To support their customers, the A10 Group has adapted its services to meet the needs of its customers in order to be able to increase their sales even in difficult circumstances. Due to their adaptability, the A10 Group have also managed to steadily increase its sales.

In addition to its long-standing services focused on the development of shopper marketing campaigns, the agency has expanded its services into the field of experiential marketing.

Campaigns developed by A10 Group invite customers to become immersed in a brand through engaging all their senses, not just through sight & sound, but by feeling, scent and taste. Commercial goals are still at the core of theses campaigns, from increased sales to making new customer contacts.

The group have also invested in new technologies to ensure valuable data is collected at the point of purchase to be able to give its customers immediate feedback on the results of the various measures.

All of these investments and changes work in unity towards delivering the core aim that drives A10, namely to create tailored and best in class service for their clients.

This objective does not only apply to A10 in Spain, but to all members of the International Shopper Marketing Group in the different European markets covered by our group.