Romanian Agency FieldStar: Strong & Successful even in times of crisis

According to recent research, despite increased inflation, people are yet to make any changes in spending habits. Holidays, moving house or purchasing a new car are still of interest to shoppers. This is the reason why a fast regeneration of the economy post pandemic was noticed across Europe, especially in developed countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Norway. Even so, the effects of the pandemic still differ from one country to another as well as by discipline.

While the HORECA field is still experiencing the consequences of the pandemic, traditional marketing activities such as events are still seeing an increase in demand and importance, as well as the openness of buyers into trialling products again. At the same time, consumer reward mechanisms remain at the top of Romanians’ preferences, given the significant increase among participants in campaigns such as NCP & Tailored. All of this has resulted in several new opportunities for field marketing.

Unlike private brands, which are also gaining momentum in the Romanian market, national brands are forced to find new methods to counteract this growth. The world has changed a lot since the beginning of 2020 but through providing strategic and relevant services to their clients, FieldStar continues to celebrate great achievements with a considerable business impact.

With more than 18 years of experience in developing, designing, and implementing brand-to-consumer engagement strategies, FieldStar accurately and innovatively delivers unforgettable experiences through brand activation, shopper marketing, design, production, and sales force management.

By delivering a wide portfolio of services, FieldStar developed several channels in the offline environment at events – such as Brand Minds, the Progressive Conference – or music and film festivals – like Nostalgia, Neversea, and TIFF. By being involved a brands creative process early on, over 70 successful live campaigns have been delivered for the likes of IQOS, Nespresso, Cappy, Fuzetea, Peroni, Ursus Cooler, Dr. Max, Telekom, Autan, UNICEF, etc across a variety of environments such as retail, malls, or student campuses.

Regarding shopper marketing, when comparing year on year, consumer behaviour has changed significantly. In result, FieldStar’s one-stop-shop approach has aided clients in this challenging time, providing solutions and national campaigns that offer an easy registration experience, and a real-time monitoring & reporting for each project.

During this time, FieldStar also participated in the POPAI AWARDS PARIS 2022 COMPETITION, one of the most popular marketing and sales competitions in the world, becoming finalists with their Samsung pop up shop submission.

As a result of significant growth in their e-commerce sector, FieldStar is also growing and acquiring new competencies to integrate online and offline services to be able to support their clients further.

Innovation and adaptation are key to FieldStars success. This is ensured through providing employees with an inclusive and safe working environment to develop creative ideas and personal development, which ultimately results in business growth. A win for all!