The Evolution of Shopper Marketing

Over the last decade, buyer behaviour has changed dramatically. With the rise of social media, mobile and e-commerce, we see these channels having a direct impact on traditional shopper media.

For brands to success, they have to evolve with technological advances, and have the ability to change quickly. Not only with their product but also their marketing plans. Doing what worked last year may not be the best strategy for the year ahead. The right shopper marketing approach is about analyzing how a brand engages with their consumer in a retail environment, in a way that positively effects the path to purchase. And so knowing what consumers want and need from their shopping experience at all times is key to the success of a shopper marketing campaign.

As part of the International Shopper Marketing Group, we are committed to this approach. Our experts believe that by addressing the specific needs of consumers as well as for brands – the results will lead to increased sales as well as consumer loyalty, needed to survive in todays saturated markets.

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