Guiding buyers with Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing offers the opportunity to approach consumers directly.

On a well-defined customer journey, advertisers can target consumers in order to offer products that potential customers need or want.

Most purchase decisions are made once the customer is standing directly in front of the shelf. Therefore, it is essential to develop and apply marketing strategies that have a positive influence on the consumer and motivate them to buy the products in question at the Point of Purchase (POP).

Shopper marketing helps to develop a clear strategy which can be used to influence customer behaviour at the POP.

This can increase ROI by ensuring that this influence has a positive impact upon shoppers. It considers the necessities of the purchase which generate the most attention. For example, these may be the principles of the brand, such as branding and positioning. These can all be reflected in a selective approach to the consumer which encourages them to purchase.

By optimising the shopping experience using these positive influences. Shopper marketing supports the buying motivations which boost the brand’s position, increase sales and provide innovative and satisfying buying arguments.

Ideally, shopper marketing communicates a direct, transparent, informative and authentic message so that the needs, expectations and desires of the shopper are fulfilled at the POP.

Every company should define its position in the market so they can offer the most attractive offer in terms of price, product variety or quality to their target market.

One of the decisive points for the successful use of shopper marketing is to understand that the buying decision process begins even before the consumer enters the point of sale. This process is constantly being influenced behind the scenes.

Creating an exceptional shopping experience is fundamental to successful sales. Here it is important to understand that the POS is no longer just a place where the shopper only visits to buy the necessary goods. The POS is also seen by the consumer as a place that offers him or her a feeling of well-being.

Of course, it is important that the customer finds what they are looking for in the shop, but apart from that the shopping experience must be enjoyable. Nowadays, the buyer uses the POS to enjoy products, try them for themselves, talk to people and learn new things.

The best way to get to know the shopper is to gather information about his or her consumption habits. This will enable you to draw up behavioural profiles which will tell you everything you need to know about your target consumers, ensuring that the products you place in front of them are the products they are most likely to buy.

Shopper marketing is also an important tool for this, as it enables you to get to know the consumer on a more personal level, to push discount campaigns and to offer the customer an optimum shopping experience.

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Picture by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay