A network dedicated to implementing multinational shopper marketing campaigns

Globalisation and the internet makes it possible for almost any company to offer and sell its products anywhere in the world; marketing no longer knows any borders. In a globalised and networked world, brands and products can conquer new markets wherever they are and thus gain many new customers.

Unfortunately, in reality it is not so easy to reach new groups of buyers, because international marketing strategies often have to be adapted individually to each location.

If reaching customers in a brands domestic market is already a challenge, operating in other countries provides more complex challenges, such as adaptation to the cultural and, if necessary, historical backgrounds. This explains why the implementation of successful international marketing campaigns must always take the considerations of the individual markets into account.

The adaptation of shopper marketing strategies to local markets varies greatly in multinational marketing. There are companies that create global strategies and only make minor adjustments, such as translating the global campaign into the local language; others develop a specific approach for each planned location under the umbrella of the chosen brand strategy.

Since shopper marketing provides direct interaction with the relevant target group, cultural factors have a significant impact on a brands communication. Furthermore, it should be noted that the political-legal environment can also influence the campaigns: Just think of the different restrictions in the individual countries regarding advertising to children, medicine, cigarettes and alcohol.

ISMG, with its branches across various European countries, knows the local markets and the conditions that apply there; the demographic, economic, ecological, technological, political-legal or even socio-cultural peculiarities precisely. This local experience is essential for successful direct brand interaction with consumers; it helps to engage potential customers and gain their trust, penetrate the market growing market share, and all the while providing a strong return on investment through reduced costs by going directly to each market.

Shopper marketing is a versatile marketing tool that is effective in attracting and retaining new customers.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of a multinational shopper marketing campaign, please do not hesitate to contact our network partners.


Photo by ElasticComputeFarm on Pixabay