The International Shopper Marketing Group welcomes Fieldstar from Romania as a new member

The International Shopper Marketing Group is delighted to welcome Romanian agency Fieldstar as the newest member of the European-wide field marketing network.

The BtL agency Fieldstar brings a wealth of knowledge to the network with over 18 years’ experience across Romania, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Serbia.

Fieldstar is one of the most successful field marketing agencies in south-eastern Europe. With over 50 employees at its headquarters in Bucharest and almost 1,000 permanently employed field staff throughout the country, Fieldstar delivers expert field marketing activations for both large global brands and local smaller companies.

This is a strategically important growth area for the International network of agencies. The Balkans is considered the fastest growing region in Europe. Romania is at the forefront, with an average growth rate of between 4% and 5%. This year, the EU Commission sees Romania as the frontrunner in terms of economic growth and, according to Brussels, it will achieve a growth rate of 7.4 percent this year.

Romania is in transition from an agricultural country to a high-tech country. Between 1990 and 2017, the purchasing power-adjusted gross domestic product per capita increased fivefold. The big retail chains, from France, Germany and Austria, have realised this for a long time and are represented in large numbers in this prosperous market, as are all the big international brands.

The International Shopper Marketing Group is now reaching out to 360 million consumers, half of all consumers in Europe.