Shopper marketing in France



To give visitors to our website a more accurate impression of all ISMG member agencies, we have identified market insights and trends that are specific to each of our members. In this post we put the spotlight on our French agency, MGS Sales & Marketing in Paris

At present, France has one of the highest growth rates in the Eurozone, with real economic growth of 6.7%, and is recovering faster than those of Germany, Italy or Spain.

In this environment, the main driver of growth has been private consumption.

All the big brands have realised for a long time that it is all about picking up the shoppers where a direct and authentic approach is possible.

It is not surprising, that shopper marketing was one of the first marketing disciplines to benefit from this upswing.

As a specialist in field sales services, MGS Sales & Marketing is one of the top 5 leading companies in the sector of field marketing in France and is available to its customers for shopper marketing as well as for classic promotional activities and POS merchandising. MGS Sales & Marketing offers innovative and needs-based solutions to help develop brands on a sustained basis, to increase sales figures and to optimise the consumer experience. The experts at MGS Sales & Marketing are at your side with their advice and support to ensure successful implementation of strategic objectives.

The daily challenge of shopper marketing for our French partners is to ensure that they have a strong presence of the brands they represent in the shops and retail environments. And also to ensure that they present them in a way that creates desire in potential buyers to try and finally purchase the advertised product or service.

Sales forces, in-store promotions and merchandising are just some of the tools that can be used to enhance brands across the distribution channel. Whether it is to ensure the presence and visibility of a product, to set up promotional activities in the store, or just to boost the brand image – shopper marketing solutions provide the link between the brand and the shopper.

Those interested can contact MGS Sales & Marketing or one of the other partners in our group here directly.